CALL or TEXT us at: (617) 690-3391


WHAT AGES and LEVELS DO YOU TEACH? We teach children and adults, beginning at age 18 months, as well as a large number of Adult beginners and aspiring Pros of all ages, taking voice lessons and instrumental lessons here.

We have several great options for very young children, in our Childrens' Music Program.

For Adults, we have fun options year round, including longer private lessons, group classes, events and summer only programs. Many adults take music lessons with us for the first time – at age 30, 40, 50 , 60, 70 and older!

HOW CAN I REGISTER? You can submit an initial form.  If you contact us by phone (617) 690-3391, or in person, you can get your questions answered in greater detail.

HOW CAN I TELL WHICH INSTRUMENT IS BEST FOR MY CHILD?  We can assist you with that.  Just contact our office, and ask to schedule a placement interview, after you complete your application/pre-registration.

WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT?  We accept VISA, MC, Discover, and AMEX, as well as ACH/Checking/Savings.  Most lessons or classes that are continuous, can also be paid at a 6-month or 12-month package with the previous-listed methods or cash, with an additional discount for 12 month pre-payments.

DO YOU PROVIDE INSTRUMENTS, OR HELP WITH THAT?   Certain instruments may be available to rent.  Examples of these instruments:  violin, viola, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, flute, guitar (short-term group classes only) and cello are available.  Rental details here.

Guitars for private lessons and regular home practice should be purchased. We can help with pointing parents and students in the right direction for affordable, good quality instruments.  

Pianos and drums are in our teaching rooms, so the students do not need to bring these to the lessons.  We can help with information on getting piano and drum students the right affordable, quality practice instruments for their home.

ARE YOUR FACULTY EXPERIENCED?  Yes, VERY.  Our faculty have graduated from some of the top-quality music schools in the world, at Bachelors and Masters level, AND have a minimum of 2-3 years of paid teaching experience.  Most have at least 8-10 years of experience teaching.  They are engaging, caring, gifted teachers who LOVE to teach children and adults.  They all perform professionally, on a regular basis, in many cases for world-class ensembles and  celebrated musicians.  Performing regularly is a key requirement, as it ensures that the teacher is inspired both by teaching, and performing for audiences, and can in turn share that experience with the student.

DO YOU HAVE PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS?  Yes!  We are a very performance-oriented school.  We again offer performance opportunities that are safe and still bring the fun!  We do not force our students to perform, so there is no pressure. We do help very shy students gain the confidence to perform, and further confidence by performing.

HOW LONG HAS THE SCHOOL BEEN AROUND?  The Boston School of Music Arts was founded in 2010, on 35 years’ of music & education experience.  Since that time, the school has grown to over several hundred students, and 18 outstanding faculty. An excellent, friendly and caring administrative group takes care of all customer and faculty needs at the school.

WHAT COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED?  For private lessons, there is a 3-month minimum, group classes have varied commitments, but usually no more than 3 months. After that, it is month to month. See our policies for details. We want to see you or your child have a chance to really play!