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February 2022 News

Loving music at Boston School of Music Arts

We celebrated 10 years of serving you, in 2020 - two years ago! As we are now well into our next decade, and are working harder than ever to provide you with excellence in music education.  To make the most of lessons, continue to take advantage of as many programs here that you can.

Playing in a band at BSMA, setting goals with their teacher and doing the  MUSICAL LADDER® Program, participating in the BSMA PRACTICE CLUB, our SUMMER PROGRAMS, BSMA Open Mic, Music Performance Club, and Spring Showcases (JUNE ‘22!).

Our founders' SHENKAR METHOD First Steps TM curriculum is the foundation of our students' progress, and all teachers are trained in this method, and certified at varying levels. In addition, the MUSICAL LADDER and two other key programs, add in even more fun, while further increasing the speed of learning.

Teaching Program REFRESH:

The BSMA teaching approach across all instruments includes a foundation based on three ideas:

       1) That music is a language, and follows the ideas of language as a system of communication,
       2) that every child and adult has something that can be expressed through music, and
       3) When taught correctly, anyone can express their inner music through reading, playing, writing and creating music.

When a person can communicate with the language of music - they can truly create!

CONGRATULATIONS to recent Piano and Guitar Curriculum Graduates:

Eldrian F., Gavin W., Anna M, Riley D., Karen F., Thomas M., Harkin L., Shamiah D., Savannah H., Jack S., Ethan H., Ellie P.,  Juan J., Hugh.D., Missouri A.

You worked very hard with your teacher's, and your parent's support. This is a big accomplishment! Well done.

Welcome To Our New Students!

Here are recent students joining the BSMA community:

Luke A., Ryan A., Evelyn B., Mackenzie B., Maeve C., Matilda C., Eloise C., Cora C., Madeleine C., Rori D., Morgan D., Lili D., Leo D., Christina D.,

Bryce F., Cole F., June G., Winston H., Cameron H., Christy J., Alani K., Neri K., Sophia L., Ava L., Hunter N., Katie N., Sophia N., Kaizari O., Khari O., Natacha P., Alexander R., Theodore R., Violet K., Lucas S., Jasper S., Andreza S., Teyana S., Hoang My T., Ga Tsung T., Paula V., ZeShawn W.

Upcoming Events


Stay tuned for details about our next Student Showcase.